Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fargo Refresh: Part 2

The snow is piled taller than a 29"er tire!
No school yesterday as we got about 4 inches of fresh snow dumped on us. I stayed home with my two children to take care of them through the day. We watched it snow all morning, ate lunch, then shoveled for an hour or so. In between things, I managed to mount up my Planet Bike Cascadia 29"er fenders on the Fargo.

I have to drill a hole into the rear fender yet at the brake bridge, because the Salsa has a fender mount there, but it faces downward, toward the fender, and the Cascadia fender uses a bracket to work with a bolt that would go through the brake bridge 90° to how the Fargo's braze on is aligned. Bah! I zip tied it on for now, but I will drill that out and use a small bolt when I get the bike to work some day.

But beyond that, this is just needing a sealant refresh and I will be done for the season with the maintenance on this ol' girl. My plan is to do some slop-season gravel rides on this until things firm up enough to move on to these skinny 32's I'm supposed to be testing. These rides need to start soon too. Time is running short to get ready for the Renegade Gents race coming up in the beginning of April.


George said...

Looks like the snow in my driveway. We got hit with another 7.5 inches here yesterday. Gonna be warm the next couple of days with more snow forecast for Thursday afternoon/evening. Is it ever gonna stop?

Steve Fuller said...

I put electrical tape on the bridge and then zip tied the bracket to the bridge. Took the fenders off once slop season was over and removed the tape. Easier than drilling a hole in the fender and then maybe needing to plug it again later.