Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Geezer Ride: Details

It'll be chilly, maybe wet, and ya better bring yer wool!
This post is to officially carve in stone some details for the "Geezer Ride", (so named by another, but I happen to like it!), and that way you can- if you so choose - make future plans to join us. If you didn't see this post, I will give you the short overview here for your convenience:

  • No drop, casual ride pace that may feature several stops for image geekery.
  • Held North of the Amana Colonies and the Iowa River Valley where the views are spectacular and the roads are fun.
  • There will be some tough hills.
  • There will be dead flat parts.
  • Expect to pedal around 40-ish miles or so. 
  • There will be dirt roads. 
  • You may have to walk in mud. 
  • There will be story telling, adult beverages, and food consumed afterward.
Sound like fun? Then pencil in October 18th on your plans and I and at least two others have already committed to be there at Amana Iowa where the ride will start kitty-corner from the Casey's Convenience store on Highway 150 where there is a gravel public parking lot. Ride time will be 8:00am sharp.

Depending on weather, we may get a bit wet!
I'm going to play the exact route by ear. I probably will decide a week or so out based on what the weather may do, and how the water situation lays out. Ideally I would like to reprise most if not all of my experience on these roads recently with some of the Dirty Dog Pack crew. That ride featured some river crossings through "low water" areas but if the river is too high, I won't make us go that way. Getting a little wet is one thing, getting soaked is quite another!

Anyway, however the route goes, the plan is to do a fun 40-ish miles then return to the Amana village for some brews and food before bailing out back home. It should be a good time. I'll have more on this event as time draws near, but for now I'll be focusing on some other upcoming events I have on my plate and we'll get back to this come late Summer and pick up where we left off here.

Suggestions? Concerns? Comments? You know where to leave them. Thanks for considering the Geezer Ride!


Martin Bunge said...

I'm in!

Lance Andre said...

On my cal.

Dave Evans said...

Sounds like fun.

Steve Fuller said...

Sounds like fun. This will help me cement some other plans in place for this fall.