Monday, August 04, 2014

TIMP Update

Image courtesy of Matt Mason
The Trans Iowa Masters Program is in its last month. I have some updates that I wanted to share concerning the attempts.

First off, I received news on the Brothers Mason attempt from earlier in July. Apparently there were some "various difficulties, both mechanical and physical" which derailed their attempt about halfway through.

A successful running of the route was accomplished in late July by Matt Scotton, Brad Patty, and Jim Jenkins. Shawna Stevenson, who was also scheduled to attempt was a DNS.

Attempts upcoming will feature Individual Time Trial attempts by Al Brunner, (the 15th), and by Mike Johnson, (on the 22nd). That's all on the board so far. Remember, any attempts have to be made during the month of August to qualify for TIMP consideration.

Another point- Only two riders that have finished have actually sent in reports and images. So, there are only two "official" TIMP finishers so far. Reports are due 30 days or less after your completed rides.

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MG said...

I would have liked to try the TIMP, but just couldn't get it onto the schedule this summer. It's OK though.

Massive respect to the two who finished.