Sunday, August 24, 2014

Out To Lunch

Too wet to bring the bikes along, or so we thought.....
Saturday I went with my family to Des Moines, about a 110 miles away, so my wife and daughter could go to a special cosmetics counter we don't have anywhere else near us for make up and a make-over. Girly stuff.....

In the meantime, I though maybe the bikes could come along so my son and I could explore the metro area a bit, but with thunderstorms happening when we left, and my son not totally into the idea, I decided to not push the issue. In fact, we ended up being pressed for time, so it wouldn't have probably have happened anyway.

And then it ended up like this!
I did get to eat at Tacopocalypse, so that was awesome. Once again, if you are ever in Des Moines, search out this place, (it's like three blocks from the State Capitol building), and get anything on the menu. It's amazing food.

The decor is a bit industrial at the new digs for the restaurant. Actually, my son Jacob, who is 11, put it best when he exclaimed that it seemed to be like "a gangster warehouse". 

Don't ask me how kids come up with this stuff, I am just so stoked when they do though! Gotta love that. I hope Sam, the proprietor and Chef uses that one. It's too good not to.

Well, off to the make up counter after eating and my son and I became mall rats for an hour and a half before we got outta there and set sail for home. A day shot there, but I got some awesome food, saw Sam, and nailed down a plan for something Trans Iowa related which I will talk about soon. Stay tuned on that front, and also.....I heard about another possibility for a last minute TIMP ITT attempt! Stay tuned on a possible announcement on that front this week.

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