Monday, August 18, 2014

Getting Back To It

MukTruk hauling fishing rods
Saturday I did a little experimentation with my son. He wanted to go fishing, and I wanted to ride my bicycle, so I had to do a bit of on the fly thinking to accommodate both requests.

I could have easily taken the Xtracycle, but that was too easy, and I wanted to try using the new "MukTruk". (29+ wheels in a titanium Mukluk) I had a few Velcro straps and I used them to lash the two fishing rods and reels to either side of the top tube/seat stays. A bungy cord for more security, and it was done! Then all I had to do was squeeze in some supplies into the Bike Bag Dude frame bag, and then we were off, with everything we needed for a bit of fishing. Yep.....there we go! Off to the water then.

Well, the fish weren't biting, but it was a good two hours or so spent with my son and we learned a few things together. He's getting the hang of casting, and figuring out patience is a good trait for a fisherman. We'll be back out doing this again soon. Me? I figured out why I liked that old Boron Carbon rod and Shimano reel. Smooth and sensitive! It's been a while since I had that rod and reel out. Kinda forgot how it felt, I did.

Flat repaired......
Sunday I made good on my threat to get out and single speed on some gravel. This was the first ride back out in the country for me since July 26th when I was hit by that truck. It was the first ride of any significance since then as well, since I have been recovering from the crash, and sickness intervened in there also.

So I wasn't really sure how that would go. I noticed my bibs fit looser, for sure, which was quite a surprise. I figured I would go the other way there. Then there was the bronchitis I had, which I wasn't sure was gone, but hey! I needed to get out and ride. It had just been too darn long.

It was hot and just a bit humid yesterday here. About 85°F when I left, so that was another concern. The flat bicycle trail South would be a good warm up, and maybe an indicator of how long this ride would really be. I had aimed at going as far as Petrie Road and the B Level section. The bicycle trail sector didn't faze me, so I turned left and hit the gravel.

Things were clicking along well until I turned West on Washburn Road to get a mile over to catch the B Level section on Petrie Road. It was then that I felt the soft, wiggly sensation that we as cyclists know is your sign for a flat tire. Bummer! It's been a while since I've flatted on the gravel roads.  

The change went well, and actually, it wasn't a puncture, but a failed tube, so that was nice to have found out at least. Swapped out the tube and moved along to the B Road, which was pretty loose and deep with sand and fine dirt. Getting out of there I found more dusty gravel and I made my way home after 25 miles. It was good to test myself, and honestly, I came through in a lot better shape than I had expected. Still feeling where the truck hit me, but at least I am back riding again.


MG said...

That MukTruk is gonna come in handy in a lot of ways... Glad it worked well for you for fishing, and also really happy to hear you were able to get out on the bike.

We missed you at Gravel Worlds, Brother. It wasn't the same without you there.

Talk soon,

Anonymous said...

for the common good: these have worked well for me... ( - i like to fish for trout in NE iowa, and my young boy has broken as least 2 'regular' fishing poles getting tangled up under the brush...for the last 2 years, these steel poles have proven kid-hardy and bike-packable. i'm not an avid fisherman, so i won't comment on their comparable performance - but they work well for us. cheers. -r-