Saturday, April 04, 2015

Gravel Bits

Okay, while you are reading this, I hopefully will be grinding gravel with four mates on the Renegade Gents Race v5.0. While I'm away, here's some bits concerning gravel riding you can check into.....

Riding Gravel Radio Ranch Episode 6: 

Check out Ben and myself while we carry on about gravel, why pants are called "pairs", and why gravel riders want tubeless tires. Listen in HERE. We have a few guests lined up for future podcasts and Ben announces our intentions for Trans Iowa Radio on the linked podcast, so make sure you keep tuned in to the Riding Gravel Radio Ranch.

Signing Up:

I have not only signed up for the Dirty Kanza 200, Odin's Revenge, and my own gravel events, but I recently put in for a spot in the Gravel Worlds and got into that suaree'. It should be a busy Summer of riding gravel for sure. Speaking of riding gravel a lot......

Geezer Ride #2:

Cues are being checked out for this 46 mile ride to occur in Grinnell, Iowa next weekend on Saturday the 11th. The ride starts in front of Bikes To You and we will take off at 8:30am. The pace will be VERY CASUAL and SLOW. We will stop often and gather everyone up. If you are new to gravel, or just want a nice, fun ride, please join us. You can find out more HERE


The Gravel Grinder Group Ride was to start last weekend, but in deference to the Ingawanis Endurance Clinic, I pushed the start of 3GR off till...... well for a while anyway! Obviously today and next weekend it will not happen.  There will be a 3GR the 18th of April, then Trans Iowa is the next weekend, then May 2nd will be another 3GR. I'll keep talking about this here and on Facebook, so you locals stay tuned......

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