Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Trans Iowa V11: Important Things To Know

With a mere ten days to go till Trans Iowa V11, here are a bunch of important things to remember or consider before we all show up in Grinnell, Iowa April 24th for the Pre-Race Meat-Up. Remember- the sign on at the pre-race meeting is mandatory and you must show up before 6:30pm or risk not getting to ride. This is serious and not just a threat. Here's what one T.I.Vet said to me recently in an e-mail concerning this:

"I kind of view the Friday 6:30 pm signup as checkpoint zero: One cannot even start the race if (they) don't make this (check point). Might as well sign up at 4 pm just to be safe."

I think that sums it up perfectly.

But besides this, I can tell you that getting the space to hold this Meat-Up is due to the Trans Iowa folks coming that will eat at the Grinnell Steakhouse, or at least get a drink or two there. I really appreciate those that come and eat and drink. It is helping Trans Iowa, and it helps a local business, which is cool. I can tell you that the staff of the Grinnell Steakhouse is very excited to see all of us, since I was there chatting with them last weekend after I ate an awesome hamburger there. Did you know the Grinnell Steakhouse is always one of the finalists for the best burger in Iowa?'s true.

Trans Iowa Radio: This will be a similar set up as it has been for the past two Trans Iowa events. Mountain Bike Radio's  Ben Welnak will be running the knobs and sliders for the call ins from the riders and myself. The number for this year is 888-573-4329. Riders can use this number to leave a brief message about how their ride is going during the event and listeners can tune in to the updates via the Trans Iowa Radio Page, (Where you can listen in to the past event's updates), and there are phone apps that will allow you to listen in that way as well. 

We're still planning on having Ben show up at Trans Iowa v11 to get in the field reports as well, which will be a new feature for the event and Trans Iowa Radio. Stay tuned for more on this as it develops.

The Barn: Again, this year we will have the big red barn West of Grinnell on Jacob Avenue as our finish line. The festivities there will be limited to Sunday morning only, so please be aware of that. It shouldn't be a big deal, since that is about the only time anyone has shown up in the past. Usually, in a typical year, a finisher comes no sooner than around Sunrise, but be advised that the best info concerning how riders may be finishing will be found on Trans Iowa Radio. 

Check this out and give your feedback!
Rider Info Cards: Thanks to a suggestion from Trans Iowa Vet, Mike Johnson, and his work on this, we will be putting a laminated card into your rider bag that has the DNF number, the Trans Iowa Radio call in number, and a short explanation of the re-route procedure should there arise the need for that. 

Please comment in the comments section on your reaction to this and if you think anything needs to be added or subtracted. We felt that it would make for one less thing to try to remember and might be an easy reference for you folks out there during Trans Iowa.

Changing Classes: You can change classes from Single Speed/Fixed to Men's Open or vice versa, yet this week, but after Saturday, things are locked in. Also- if you cannot make it to Trans Iowa v11, please let me know ASAP!!

  • Ride Right- Keep to the right going up hills!!
  • Cue Sheets: The cue sheets will be the same size as previous years with a similar formatting. If you are not familiar with T.I. cue sheets, Read This.
  • Numbers: Please read this concerning our number plates for Trans Iowa HERE.
  • Checkpoint #1  53.49 miles CUT OFF @ 8:30am Saturday
  • Checkpoint #2:  167.09 miles CUT OFF @ 8:00pm Saturday
  • Finishline The Barn: 331.77 miles. Cut off time 2:00pm Sunday
  • Convenience stores will be no more than 90 miles apart and all available stops past CP#2 are open 24 hours a day 
Okay, that should cover things, but of course, if you have any questions, feel free to add a comment or e-mail me @

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Roy Rhodes said...

If you can, print on the back some lines so the rider can put in their name and ICE information with magic marker. After last years crash, I now have a Road ID but some riders may not have a good place for ICE info.