Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Dirty Kanza 200 Chronicles V2: Something To Build Upon

Well, if you read yesterday's post on the Renegade Gent's Race, you know that it went fairly well for me. Really well if you think about the fact that a mere almost three weeks ago now I was on a bed for 24 hours straight sick to the point of near death. Considering the fact that I probably was starting from a lower baseline of health than I have for many a year, I cannot complain.

So, since I now have that long day as a base, and recovery is nearly completed, I can start building off this. I hope to get something longer in on Wednesday, then maybe a night ride yet before the Geezer Ride on Saturday. That will be a casually paced ride, so miles will be logged but not hard ones. Sunday will be Trans Iowa recon for the finalization of cue sheets, so I won't get any riding in on that day. I'll have to look to the following week to keep adding to this.

On the equipment front I haven't been making any final decisions yet. Well, other than running the Nano 40 TCS tires. I know this doesn't have anything to do with the DK 200, but as many of you have obviously read here, Trans Iowa V11 is sponsored by WTB and I do have several Nano 40 TCS tires as sponsored prizing for racers on the roster for Trans Iowa v11 that finish Trans Iowa v11. Okay.......read the previous sentence very carefully. Guess what? If you are not on the T.I.V11 roster, you cannot get these tires, and if you are, and you do not finish T.I.v11, you cannot get the tires that I have for prizing for T.I.v11. So.........no. I cannot sell you any. No.....I cannot give you some to try.


Anyway......I have several equipment choices to sort through yet, so I hope to get some longer rides in to help me sort through a lot of these things. Stay tuned.......

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