Friday, April 24, 2015

Trans Iowa v11: Sponsors And Tidbits

Listen in all weekend..... we go! It's time to crank up another Trans Iowa. Hard to believe it is the 11th version. But it is, and here are a few of the sponsors and folks behind the scenes I owe thanks to......

Trans Iowa will be supported this weekend by Europa Cycle & Ski. In fact, the event has been supported by the shop since the beginning. The early Trans Iowas were noted for being graced with the old, blue shop van, and now the shop still helps out with the weekend's travel expenses. Thanks Europa! (Not to mention, I get time off from work to do this deal!)

Next up are the team that supports me with their time and efforts to make sure the route and cues are spot on. Jeremy Fry, who does recon with me, and crunches the numbers because I suck at that! He also does a lot of the cues proofreading. Then Wally Kilburg and George Keslin give up a lot of time and drive hundreds of miles just to recon the course, check cues, and look for good photography opportunities. Finally, the Slender Fungus are now big supporters of the event and have stepped up to provide the numbers this year and some other small items which Trans Iowa needs to run smoothly.

The Truck With No Name ready to go for T.I.V10
New this year, I have decided to have a co-rider in the "Truck With No Name". My good friend, Matt Gersib will be assisting me and keeping me awake all weekend. Also new this year, Ben Welnak will be here doing Trans Iowa Radio all throughout the weekend.

WTB is offering all official finishers of T.I.v11 a set of Nano 40 TCS tires, so we really appreciate them. I also wanted to give Pedal of Littleton a shout out for the Salsa Cycles bar tape we will be handing out as prizing. Another big supporter of Trans Iowa is Lederman Bonding Company, who are big supporters of cycling. The aforementioned Slender Fungus, Mountain Bike Radio, and Guitar Ted Productions are also supporting Trans Iowa this year. Finally, a special shout out to Sam Auen and Tacopocalypse.

We will also have a couple of special announcements and whatnot at Trans Iowa from Heck Of The North and The Wisconsin Gravel Syndicate who are doing a Best Beard Contest at T.I.V11 and a special women's award called the "Gravelista".

Okay folks......see ya on the other side......

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