Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Something Offbeat

Things will be changing here soon.........
Well, I figured that all this Trans Iowa nonsense needed a break on the blog, so I have a bit of an update on a project I am working on involving the Blackborow.

The project will be a bit of a slow moving one because everything I need to gather together for this will be expensive stuff and will take time to source and pay for. So far there is a wheel set, and there is a fork coming as well. Then I have to get some drive train parts.

The "old" bits are not going anywhere, by the way. Oh no! I will definitely be keeping this dingle speed set up for Winter and maybe for some other stuff as well. The dingle speed thing is fun, and it works well for me. I was skeptical about the gearing range, but I worked into it and so far so good.

I know I'm being all cagey and whatnot, but I am not ready to go with more than this until I get some of these parts in and am ready to go assemble this bike idea I have. It should be really good, but that's all I'm gonna say for now. That's the break from Trans Iowa stuff for now.......

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Irishtsunami said...

I really wanted the forest service green but I am not a single speed (or double single speed) guy. I guess I have commitment issues. I thought about buying and then upgrading but I barely have time to ride these days let alone work on a bike.

This is a great bike and I cannot wait to get more miles on it.