Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Trans Iowa V11: Answers To Anticipated Questions

Okay, it is Wednesday, and time to answer some questions I get every year before anyone asks them again this year. See......I aim to please! Why waste valuable time and energy asking me the same ol' questions again when you can just look at this post and be satisfied with answers without any effort on your part besides reading!

Now I'd call that a fair deal! Here we go......

  • So, how are things going for Trans Iowa? - Well, you know.......busy! But that said, everything is coming together far!
  • So, how many did you get signed up this time? I have always had a certain number "sign up", but through injuries, life happenings, and what not, not all will show up. Hopefully these folks all have let me know, but right now we have 97 riders out of an original 120 that signed up and two Volunteer Exemption Riders. By the way, there will be less than that at the start line. We always get a few "no-shows". 
  • So, do you need anymore volunteers? Nope! I don't. Thanks to all who have stepped forward and have heard back from me that I have jobs for ya. That I have to turn down volunteers is amazing and a huge blessing as this beast has gotten pretty intense from the standpoint of facilitating the challenge. 
  • So, where can we go to see the event? Can we check out the course? No. I do not allow spectators nor do I provide details on where the course is going. Only Trans Iowa Riders are provided with cue sheets to navigate with and a couple of us that are helping with the event have these cues. We will not tell you anything about the course or where it is going unless cleared by Guitar Ted personally.
  • So, can we hang out at checkpoints to see the racers? No. In fact, other than Checkpoint #1, which will obviously be leaked information Friday night after cues are handed out, we will not tell anyone where the remote, rural location of Checkpoint #2 is. Not even CP#1 volunteers will have knowledge of where it is. The CP#2 location is literally just a crossroads in the middle of nowhere. There is no parking, no facilities, and therefore we do not want, and can not allow anyone to be clogging things up by hanging out there. 
  • So, is there anyway we can follow the event? Yes! Check out the Trans Iowa Radio site which is part of HERE.
  • So, where is the finish line? Can we come to that? YES! The finish is at the barn located approximately 3 miles West of Grinnell. The easiest way to get there is to take I-80 West from Grinnell to Exit for County T-38 and go North. Approximately a quarter mile North of the exit, T-38 bears left, but right at this point there is a gravel road to the East named Jacob Avenue. Take this right turn, go around a left hand corner in the gravel road and then look to your right. You should see a red barn with several vehicles parked up the road leading to it. On your left will be the Nature Center which you should park your car at and walk down to the barn. By the way, that Nature center is also the only restroom facility in the area that the public can use. The barn will be going strong from just before sunrise Sunday till 2:00pm when it will all be over with. 

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