Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trans Iowa v13: Announcement For The Rookie Class

Attention Rookie Riders For Trans Iowa v13:

As you know, your registration details did not include a request for your e-mail address. However; many of you thoughtfully added that anyway. To you, I say Thank You!. Your added information will be enough for now, but read on!

Those that did not include an e-mail on their card are listed below. You need to send me an e-mail @

This will be important! I will be sending out important race related information at a later date that you will need to respond to. Without an e-mail, I will obviously not be assured that you have received the upcoming important information I will have for you. So, if your name is on the list below, I will need to hear from you ASAP. As e-mails are received, I will delete names from this list.

By the way, ALL T.I.v13 riders will be getting the information I allude to above in an upcoming e-mail. So, stay tuned. I will get that out to you as soon as I can get my ducks in a row on my end.

Also: If You Cannot Attend T.I.v13 For Any Reason, Please Send Me A Note ASAP!! This is super important for me as all race related expenses come out of my pocket and I need to not waste a cent or any efforts on folks who, for whatever reasons, cannot attend Trans Iowa v13. Thanks for your consideration.

Now for the list:
  • Stephen Gaston
  • Ethiene Narvaez
  • Timothy Winterlin
  • Sheldon Thompson
  • Ian Wilkey
  • Luke Brager
  • Terri Collins

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