Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Barren Days

Winter, which "officially" doesn't start for a month, is basically here now. Fall weather has left us and we are in that time that I call the "barren days". The days between Fall leaves and Winter snows where there is essentially little if anything that is still green and alive. Desert dwellers and those in arid places may not understand, but Iowa is about the greenest place you've ever seen in the growing season. In fact, if you do not like the color green, do not visit or live here. You'll hate it. There isn't much of anything here that isn't green in Spring and Summer unless you look up at the blue skies.

Black and white images actually work well this time of year.
It is hard on folk here, actually. Truth be known, I think many get depressed at this point. The scenery surely doesn't help, nor does the lack of Sunlight, or the low angle of light. It all conspires to be a big downer for many. If you are one of these people, please find someone to talk to. Please......

In the meantime, I still try to get out and ride. Following are some black and white images that convey my slightly depressed nature at this point in the year. Yes......even I get that way. 

Getting out and riding actually helps me. Sitting around the house, being moody and sullen doesn't help me. I need to get out and breathe fresh air and move. I need every ounce of Sunshine I can soak in when I have the chance.

So, if you find yourself feeling down, don't think you are all alone. We're out here feeling it too. Give someone a chance to get to talk to you. Express what you are feeling. It isn't just you.

And if you know someone that isn't being quite themselves, please invest some time to sit with them and find out what is up. Just a small effort to conect could mean so much.


MG said...

Thanks Brother.

50voltphantom said...

Excellent post.

blooddoc23 said...

A lot of what we are feeling is from Vitamin D deficiency. The majority of us who live at this latitude, have the condition this time of year. There was a study that said that exercise was equivalent to Prozac, so the way I see it, is the therapy is to ride as much as possible, even if its a trainer, and take vitamin D supplementation. Happy days!

Unknown said...

This is one of my favorite times of year to ride. Sparse, quiet, even a little spooky some times...it definitely has a different feel to it.