Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ghost Rider Gear

"Vizikability" is super important
You know that as a cyclist on roads that being safe means being visible. To many cyclists, this has become an important thing to achieve. For many companies, their marketing focuses entirely on visibility for cyclists. So, you've got your blinkies, your flashing head lights, your day-glo wear, and even lasers for your rearguard. There is a bewildering array of products focused on keeping cyclists visible.

Of course, none of that really matters if the distracted driver is looking at their "device", whatever that may be. That's an entirely different deal.

When/if drivers are actually paying attention, you can do a lot of things to help yourself be more visible anytime of the day or night. I just got something which is oriented toward being visible at night. Typically, if we're focusing on garments, that means bright, "safety green" or "Day-Glo" yellow stuff with lots of ScotchBrite or other reflective panels.  Great stuff for the nighttime, but maybe you are not into looking like a DOT road worker when you are at the local watering hole, shopping at the grocery store, or when you ride in the daytime. Yeah.....some folks are "safety yellow 24-7" freaks. But I, for one, think that's just plain silly. Color of garment, in the daytime at least, isn't going to reach eyeballs like a LED flashing light will. Anywho......

This Refleckt 360° jacket I just got in on test for RidingGravel.com from ProViz is unique in that they have five "normal' colors available, but the minute light hits the fabric in the dark, it glows and you look like your are some ethereal spirit of the netherworld.

Possible para-normal activity in front of Guitar Ted Laboratories. Image by Jacob Stevenson
I think my flashy blue ghost-like visage scooting down the road might attract a bit of attention.


Anyway, it can't hurt, and as long as the jacket actually works, (not "garbage-bag-like, doesn't fall apart, wards off the precip), then I think it is a worthwhile idea. It is made well, as far as I can tell at this point. It has weather-proof zippers, a nice, high, fleece lined collar which has proven to be "beard friendly" so far. No snagging on a zipper or scratchy feelings to report there. The jacket has a "cycling cut", which is to say that it feels best when you are riding. Short front/long tail sort of cut to the hem. No hood, so there may be a negative for some of you.

The jacket was packed up with another garment, which I requested for testing. Bib tights. Man......I hate regular tights. They just do not work well, or feel comfortable to me. I gotta have me some bib tights! So, ProViz sent out the "Pixelite" bib tights with a bunch of "reflectomatic" panel construction for more high-viz action at night. Note- those are some high tech terms there from my own cranium. You may or may not be on board with that. Officially, the Pixelite bibs have a performance fit, are windproof, water-repellent, and.....highly breathable. (You knew that last one was coming, right?) Oh.....and they really do have reflective performance fabric at strategic places. That's true right there.

So, we'll see how it goes. I'll wear this stuff at night, maybe in the rain if the forecast holds up for Friday, and in the colder weather if what they say is correct for Saturday. Then we'll know what's up with this stuff.

Stay tuned.....

NOTE: ProViz sent out these garments at no charge for test/review. I am not being paid nor bribed for these thoughts and opinions.

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Tyler Loewens said...

100% agree on bib tights being leaps and bounds more comfy then standard tights. Feels like I can breath easier.