Thursday, May 31, 2018

Bugging Out

Believe it or not, but this was the ONLY checkpoint on the DK200 in 2006, their first year.
Going Down South today to hook up with my good buddy, MG, who is doing the DKXL, and heading to Emporia Kansas. And......I am not riding down there. 

Or at at least I am not planning on it. I have another job to do and it is for In fact, my partner Ben has unleashed a suite of podcasting gizmos and machines on me so that I can be interviewing folks down there. So, look for that to get posted at some point down the road.

They are also having this gravel expo thing again, but this year it is supposed to be bigger. We'll see what I can find that is interesting. I have a camera and an iPhone, so images on the blog and Instagram will be happening all weekend.

I'll probably also have a beer or two with some good friends. 

Look for a full report here next week. 

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