Monday, May 14, 2018

A Little Too Wet To Plow

We visited the first farmers market of 2018 and brought home some things to plant.
Here in the Mid-West there is an old farmer's saying that goes, "It's too wet to plow", meaning that conditions are not right for something.That or this was the general excuse for goofing off. Choose which, it doesn't matter.

This past weekend was like that. Rain, sort of, made riding kind of not appealing. It wasn't a full on rain, just annoyingly moist. The temperatures were in the 50's and the wind was enough to make it jacket weather. Besides this, we had a lot of things going on within the family. Kid's activities, work, and whatnot. Teenagers can keep you busy!

So me and Mrs. Guitar Ted took my daughter before she had to go to work and visited the local farmers market, the first of 2018, and we purchased some plantings which we turned right around and put into the ground. Plus, my hot peppers, which I have nursed through the Winter, were finally placed outside in the Earth where they belong.  I'm hoping for some nice hot peppers soon.

The boy had a can drive, which is the local highshool's way to generate extra funding for things. We provide cans and bottles for redemption and they do the labor of sorting and taking them to the redemption center. I like this arrangement better than when they try to make little kids and young adults into door to door salespeople. Besides, the local grocery store which I used to redeem returnable cans and bottles at has closed up and the other stores are using those machines which never work right. Kind of bogus, so the kids doing can drives is cool with me.

Loaded down and truckin'
Speaking of recycling, my other recycling had been really piling up since I was gone at Trans Iowa and then I got busy catching up on other stuff and well.......a big pile happened! 

That big pile took some effort to get on to the Big Dummy without anything wanting to jump ship on the way down to the recycling bins. I managed only to have to stop once for an errant piece of cardboard, so it went pretty well considering how poor of shape our roads are in these days.

It's pretty fun to ride the Big Dummy, but I just don't get it out enough. It has been mostly used just for recycling duties, so, what? A glorified garbage bike? Yeah, you could say that, and it would mostly be true, which kind of makes me sad. I'll have to start using it for other errands as well. I've finally got the lock situation figured out so I can actually leave it outside for a few minutes without fear of it disappearing on me.

Of course, Sunday was Mother's Day, so I did lunch along with my son so Mrs. Guitar Ted could just relax and take it easy. It also was kind of a crappy, wet, cool day, despite the forecast saying it was supposed to be warmer and partly cloudy. So much for that......

I need to get going on a lot of riding here for several reasons, not least of which is a big 100 miler in mid-June. It's going to be tough on weekends with my support day at Almanzo 100 Saturday and then a few weeks later going to cover events at the DK200. I'll have to start doing some odd time rides to fit in the work, so that should be something.

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blooddoc23 said...

Recycling by bike. Now that is green!!