Saturday, May 05, 2018

Minus Ten Review- 18

Skip Cronin (L) and Corey "Cornbread" Godfrey at the end of T.I.v4
ten years ago on this blog I was doing exactly the same thing I've been doing all week on the blog- recapping a Trans Iowa event. I won't bore you with the details of that one here.

I did have some post event thoughts which were interesting. I mused on whether or not the event should move on from Decorah, and maybe that was prophetic, since T.I.v4 actually was the last Trans Iowa based out of that fine city, but the reason might surprise you. (More some other day on that)

One thought I posted was about how this event, Trans Iowa, is not at all like any other event, but from my viewpoint. Here is the quote:

"I love doing the event, I really do, but it's stupid. Really stupid from a financial point of view, really stupid from a time spent on it point of view, and really dumb from a family point of view"

This might give you a hint as to why after ten more years of this madness it is time to put the event away, never to be seen again. But I have a post coming which addresses this in better detail. The thing I will say here is that "fun" has run its course for me. I attained my goals, I had my fun, and I am done with it. Some folks are telling me "I" am Trans Iowa.That without me, it doesn't exist whether someone else does it or not. I don't know..... Seems rather pompous to me to even think in those terms, but a good friend of mine was wagging his finger at me just the other night, insisting it was so. Maybe......



Unknown said...

It’s customary to exchange money for value in our culture. I believe Trans Iowa will live on but I’d be surprised if the gift of value continues. And....that is ok, there is nothing wrong with compensation for effort. Still, it was a life changing opportunity you gave to hundreds of gravel enthusiasts and it’s hard to overstate your impact on so many of us. “Thanks for the memories” seems so inadequate. All good things must come to and end and it was a wonderful run :)

coop6 said...

Being a race director is financially rewarding to very few. Most do it because we love the sport, and the gravel scene. When the cost to your personal life becomes excessive, then it’s understandable to move on. But this gift of your time and effort had such an impact on so much of what gravel racing is today, I’d hardly call it stupid. But I think you already know more than you want to about my thoughts on the matter :)