Saturday, May 12, 2018

Minus Ten Review- 19

Quite possibly the worst 29"er tires ever- The Intense 2.25".
Ten years ago on this blog I had moved on from Trans Iowa v4 and gotten busy trying to get some review work done for "Twenty Nine Inches", which was the 29"er site I wrote for back then.

There were bikes, tires, wheels, grips, handle bars, and more. Some of this review work was deemed not for the big wheeler site, so we started another site dubbed "The Bike Lab" which was also a Crooked Cog Network site.

This was about the apex of all the former Tim Grahl led sites under that "Crooked Cog" banner. Later on he.....well he flaked out. Not sure why, and it was a long, slow unraveling. But that story will come later. I noticed that in my archives that it was about at this time that many of my images come up missing now. That's all due to the bad influence of Mr. Grahl and some poor advice he gave me which led to a lot of my images disappearing forever. Yes, that still kinda of bites.

Anyway, I had no idea what I was in for and it was coming very soon. The images were a minor quibble, in the end. But as I say, we will just let that sit for now.

That year of 2008 Winter lingered far too long and Spring went by in such a hurry we didn't notice it. Temperatures went straight to Summer. It was humid too. Trails were too wet to ride, and the weather was continually severe. We all were hoping for a break, but we were in for some dire times. What happened ten years ago in May will not be soon forgotten and had a big effect upon my Summer, my relationships with some people, and Trans Iowa. Stay tuned.......

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