Saturday, May 12, 2018

Okay- Trying To Move On Now

This Wolf Tooth Head Set is in a bike for review on Riding Gravel
Okay.......first of all, thank you. Thanks for indulging me in over a week's worth of Trans Iowa nonsense. I think that has been hashed out quite enough now. In the meantime, here's what's been going on around here since the event over a week ago.

I've got to say that I have had the worst case of "TIF" (Trans Iowa Fatigue) I've ever had. What is TIF? It's when you seem fine, then all of a sudden you are so tired that you cannot keep your eyes open. It's when you have sat for a bit, get up, and your legs feel so tired and like they weigh a couple 100 pounds a piece. I've commuted a few times, ridden around on test rides, but that's all the cycling I can muster right now. That last TI knocked me for a loop. Hopefully I am out of the woods in that regard now.

I have slowly gotten back to some stuff. I got in this nice anodized blue Wolf Tooth Head Set recently and have that installed on my Raleigh Tamland Two. Anodized bits on bicycles got to be a thing in the 90's and while "Make Everything Black" was a thing for a while I am glad to see that color has come back to cycling again. Still, I am baffled as to why it is that every middle-aged male cyclist that wants a road bike around here gets all black instead of something colorful. It's a weird reality here where I live.'s boring. Anyway- anodized color is cool. Plus, this head set is U.S. made as well. Another nice alternative to White Industries, Phil Wood, and Chris King head sets. More on the Wolf Tooth head set after I've ridden it some.

The shop has gone nuts with the warm weather.It's been a slammed schedule there and that certainly has made it harder for me to rest up and get over the "TIF" deal. It is what it is. Time to wrench and make money, 'cause this Fall and Winter it won't be so good.

Next up is Almanzo 100 support at Cherry Grove with my partner, Ben Welnak. Then I am scheduled to go to the DK200 in the first week of June. The next ride scheduled is the Solstice 100 in mid-June. I have a LOT of work to do before that comes rolling around. Time to get a move on.

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Rydn9ers said...

Picked up one of these last week in orange, can't wait to get it mounted on the Fargo.