Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Slow Start To The Year

Barns For Jason: The Memorial Day Weekend Version
I've already lamented enough about how this year hasn't gone well for me in terms of cycling. I had envisioned multiple century rides by now, but I think I haven't cracked 75 in one sitting yet. Just not a good way to enter into the halfway point of the year for me.

Usually I get the chance to roll into the Summer with some modicum of fitness under my belt, but not this time. The Summer is here, and it came fast. Just a little over a month and a half ago we had a snowstorm. Think about that. It went from too chilly and wet to decent for about maybe two weeks, then it was full on Summer. I am not in Summer mode, and last weekend showed me that.

So, I take out this carbon fiber wonder-bike I have to test for, which made the ride easier because it is a very light bike. But even with that advantage, I could tell, that heat wasn't going over well with me. I did get my objective accomplished, so there was that, but I didn't go far. Part of that was because I forgot my mini-pump and I was running tubes. Dang it! I know better, but with a new bike and my usual MO of having every bike set up ready  to ride, well, forgetting the pump was a higher percentage chance than usual. Yeah.......and this bike has 36mm tires. Pinch flatting would be a lot easier to do. So........I cut the ride short, just to be safe. It turned out to be the right decision.

One horsepower. I could use a little of that.
 When I got back home I could feel the effects of the heat. I just am not acclimated to dealing with it yet for longer rides. It takes a little getting used to every year, since we have such extremes in temperature here. This realization that I wan't quite tuned up for Summer has driven a decision I came to terms with over the weekend.

I won't be taking a bicycle to Kansas this year. Nope, not gonna do it.

Why? Because it is supposed to be "typical DK200" weather down there while I am visiting. Hot, dry, and windy. No sense in me getting into a bind on my own ride if I am not ready to tackle a 75-100 miler in those conditions. I hate it, and it sucks, but it is the smart decision. Besides, I think I may be more valuable to others if I am hanging out in Emporia versus being out all alone in the middle of nowhere. Been there, done that, so I am good.

I'll have to focus on more consistent riding when I get back from Kansas. I really do not have anything going on for about three weeks, so I'll try to get into some sort of decent shape by late June. Then we'll see about maybe turning this dismal year of cycling for me around.

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youcancallmeAl said...

For me cycling is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. I sure would hate to get to the stage where falling short of some preconceived goal made me feel that my cycling has been dismal.