Monday, February 17, 2020

A Little Update On Bouncy Bits

I put some more time on the Redshift Sports ShockStop post.
Well, the temperatures rose to a level where I could get out for a bit and cruise around on various surfaces to test out the Redshift Sports ShockStop Seat Post. While I didn't have time to do a gravel ride, I did find a lot of potholes, dirt, mud, snow, and paved hills to work the post over, right here in town.

In fact, the varied conditions were more than what I would have found out in the country. The pot holes alone were bigger than anything out there, for sure. The packed snow? Probably non-existent out there. So, it wasn't like I was bummed. Besides, it was a bike ride, ya know?

The packed snow was especially fun. The WTB Raddler 44mm tires were really good here. The post helps in keeping traction too. Odd to think that could be the case, but other sprung seat posts have done this for me as well. The pot holes were no big deal. Generally a sharp hit to the bum, but the ShockStop post, if you set it up right, soaks it all up.

There was one question I wanted answered about this post and that was how it handles climbing in the saddle. High cadence, medium cadence, and low, grunting pushing was all tried on a longer paved climb averaging 8%-10%. I have to say, I was impressed here as well. No excessive bobbing at all. Of course, there was some movement, you are not going to get away from that. But nothing took away from my climbing. Curiously, the more forward I sat on the saddle the less bob I experienced. Again- some movement is acceptable- for me. If you cannot deal with any movement, well then a suspension seat post isn't for you.

The longer stem is perfect now. Positioning is much better. I may lower the stem a bit later into Spring. The stiffer spring choice is okay. I have to wait until I get out on some rough gravel to see about that before making a final judgment. More soon......

NOTE: Redshift Sports sent the Shock Stop Seat Post at no charge for test and review on I was not paid, nor bribed for this post and I always strive to give my honest thoughts and views throughout

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