Thursday, February 06, 2020

Gravel Grinder News Flash: The Heywood Ride Details

The Heywood Ride Website Goes Live: 

One of the most popular posts, according to my stats, on this blog is the Almanzo post which you can see here, which details all that has gone down in the story of the end of that event. The massive popularity of the Almanzo 100 is not to be denied.

If you've been keeping up, you may already know that the Heywood Ride is the event that basically is everything the Almanzo was, just under a new leadership and a new name. While it is true that The Heywood Ride may be in a location unfamiliar to most Almanzo fans, this is where Almanzo founder Chris Skogen left the Almanzo last year, then turned over the event to the Northfield organizers who are putting on the Heywood ride this year.

With a location just South of the Twin Cities, I expect that The Heywood Ride will be as popular as the formerly named event was. The date is also the traditional Almanzo date, the weekend after Mother's Day, so planning for attending the event, if it was on your radar, shouldn't be affected.

See the event site here:

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