Thursday, February 13, 2020

So......Is This About It?

A bit of a "last chance cruise" Wednesday
Weather here is a crap shoot. Winter weather is worse, and the fickle nature of it here can be frustrating at times. That said, this has been a "better than average" fat biking season for me. Not "the best", but top three? Probably.

That looks to be changing really soon, as we reach the mid-point of February. We have a really, really cold day today, and worse for tonight, but then things are to take a dramatic upturn and this snow won't make it through that. Not when daily temperatures are going on into the upper 30's/low 40's everyday.

So, I figured I'd better drag myself out again to do the business on post-holed trails and wherever I could ride to, you know, get my fat bike on for maybe the last time this Winter. Now, of course I could go ride today, but negative wind chills? Nope. Not gonna do it. Friday.....yeah. I may squeeze another ride out, but then it is on with Spring-like, "transition season" type weather.

I'll probably ride the Blackborow DS Friday, if I get out. That will likely be the last ride on it for quite some time. Gravel is going to take over very, very soon, and I am starting to pile up many things that need attention for review. That means more gravel travel. Tires, pedals, drive train bits, a seat post or two, lube, and shoes. More probably coming than I know about now. I'm going to be riding a lot, hopefully.

That will dove tail in perfectly with my exploration of the GTDRI route, future "Rocket's Rides", and my plans to ride in several nearby areas this year. I hope to get out toward Strawberry Point, do a century ride over toward Iowa Falls and back, and spend more time in Tama County too. But first, we have the trailing ends of Winter to deal with. That's not quite over with just yet.

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