Sunday, June 24, 2007

Big Wheeled Ballyhoo: Final Report

Here's the '08 Paragon from Fisher. Let me tell you right now, this is going to put Fisher right at the front in the hard tail 29"er ranks. the Fox fork seemed super easy to figure out, (We didn't have a manual and had no problems setting it up!) and the improvements in tire clearance, and structural integrity are all fixed from the previous models. (Folks looking at a Rig will rejoice. Your new model will be able to clear 2.5" tires!) I'll post more detailed photos on Twenty Nine Inches.

The Saturday evening entertainment was a blast! The upper level of T Bock's bar and grill was transformed into a rock and roll stomp fest courtesy of Baker London and the Fuumes' alternative craziness. We had a packed house and the raffle was enjoyed by all. (Maybe the fact that nearly everyone got something had a little bit to do with that!)

Later on, I veered and weaved my way on the Dos Niner to the campground and perused a million stars with the Salsa Amigos. Great times!

Here's a shot down the vendors row. Lot's of bikes to choose from including Haro, Raleigh, Fisher, Trek, (Madones, yes-the new ones!), Salsa, Slingshot, Titus, and Niner Bikes.

I'll admit we didn't get alot of folks this first time, maybe 100 or so, but I know that demo ride numbers were average to above average for almost all the bikes there and at least three bikes were "sold" on the spot to some of the attendees. I'm sure even more will be seeing duty underneath some of the folks that got the chance to come to this first Ballyhoo.

The hit bike of the Ballyhoo had to be the 36"er designed by Ben Witt of Milltown Cycles. Everybody had to ride it! I like to say it has a smile inducing quality to it. Ben even rode it offroad there and said it clears log piles like no ones business.

Here's Brandon, Ben's wrench, putin' her to the wheelie test!

Some of the other things to come out of the Ballyhoo were that we learned of four new WTB tread designs in various sizes will be coming out later in the year. We even got to see two of them and they look promising. Of course, the aforementioned Fisher Rig frame is going to get the same improvements as all the other hardtails in Gary Fishers line up. We also heard some other unmentionable stuff that should be really cool coming your way soon too.

Well, this was a lot of fun! Personally, it was a bit of a let down that more folks didn't hop on board the fun train we had going, but since we are planning on swinging the bat at this ball again next year, we might get a few more of you out there to reconsider this madness. I will say I had a ball, and I even got to ride a couple times. Most notably with Salsa Amigo Bobby, who got a new handle this weekend. I won't say here what it is, but do check out the Salsa Amigos Blog to find out. (Thanks Bobby for the ride! That was sweet!)

So, that's a wrap on The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo for 2007. Tim G and I are tired, but enthused about what this could be. Of course, there are several folks who deserve huge shout outs for getting behind this and making it happen. The List is as follows in no particular order........

Travis Ott: Gary Fisher Assistant Brand Manager- Big Wheel Pimper, General Cool Guy
Richard "Deke" Gosen: Oneota River Cycles and Generalisimo of Trails for Decorah, Wrench Extrordanaire
Jeff O'Gara: Decorah Parks and Recreation board member: String Puller of Greatest Magnitude- Trail Pimp, and Generally Awesome Guy
Jason Boucher: King of Salsa Amigos and Fun Hog of the Ballyhoo
Mike Bockman: T-Bock's El Presidente' and provider of the Bigwheel Ballyhoo's World Headquarters- Friend of Two Wheeled Freaks Everywhere
Decorah Parks and Recreation/Judy Syverson: Gettin' er duuun! Thanks for the Green Light!
All The Decorah Trail Pimps! You Rock! seriously, you ROCK!

and to all the official sponsors:

Salsa Cycles
Gary Fisher Bikes
Niner Bikes
Raleigh U.S.A.
Bike 29
Rock Shox
Cliff Bars

Until Next year!

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