Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rotor Envy

Okay folks, rant mode on!:

It's high time that all 29"er bicycle manufacturers equipped their rigs with 185mm front rotors. Why? Because they work far better than 160mm ones do on a 29"er, that's why. It's safer, more performance oriented, and helps bring out the best in 29"er wheels.

I've got a couple bikes with 160mm rotors up front and all of my brake systems are Avid mechanicals, so I can see a direct comparison. The 160mm rotors just do not cut it for me. Hauling my 240lb carcass to a stop is no easy feat and the 160mm set up just can not stop it like a 185mm rotor can. Plus, think of the better heat dissapation on longer downhills. That's something to consider. I really do not want to look down and see glowing dull red heat waves eminating from the area formerly known as my front hub.

Then you have weight. Sure, some will whine about 185mm rotors weighing more. Well, who cares? I mean, really.......I would rather be able to stop more quickly with better control. What's a few more grams when it comes to that? Sheesh! Cut out the extra beer, ice cream, or heck, leave your water bottle at home if it comes to it. Give me a 185mm rotor up front on every new 29"er. Weight be damned!

I think it's plain silly to spec a 160mm rotor on the front of any 29"er save the most XC race oriented steeds and their are only a few that I would put in that category. (The Orbea Alma 29"er, the Salsa Mamasita, and the upcoming Fisher carbon hardtail) The 29"er, by it's very nature, is going to attract your larger than life mtb'ers anyway, such as myself. And as I said, it's no easy feat for a brake to stop a raging Clydesdale coming down the mountain. Outta my way, I'm large and in charge!

It just is a thing that makes way too much sense not to do. So, if you are a person that works for a company that produces 29"ers, dump the miniscule front brakes! Give us real stopping power and spec 185mm rotors on the front of our shiny new 29"ers.

Okay, okay..............please spec a 185mm rotor up front!

Rant mode off!

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