Thursday, June 28, 2007

You Are Welcome...........

I'll be wearin' it with pride!

In other event news, the GTDRI blog has a new update if you are interested.

Also, the planning for the next Ballyhoo is taking place with analysis of the just completed inaugral event. We won't be changing much, just tweaking it out and doing a better job up front.

As far as Trans Iowa goes...........don't ask! There are some definite hurdles to putting on another version of this event that may prove to high to clear. The jury is still out. I'll keep ya'all informed on any updates concerning the status of another Trans Iowa. I'm going to be concentrating on the laid back prep for GTDRI first, then a short break before Interbike. After that I'll make a call on T.I.

Stay tuned.....................

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