Sunday, June 09, 2013

3GR Report: Faster- Farther

Starting The Fine Tuning
Another Saturday, another 3GR plan. This time I started again out of the Gates Swimming Pool lot, and that due to flooding and the mess over in Cedar Falls. I've got some thoughts on the starting place, but first- the report!

The call went to the Gen 1 Fargo since this will be the bike I am using for Odin's Revenge at the end of the month. I had re-charged the tires with new sealant and checked over the drivetrain quick for any glaring faults before the ride Saturday. The tires on the bike won't be the ones I use at Odin's, but I hadn't time to throw those on late Friday night.

In fact, I had foolishly stayed up too late Friday and was pressed for time on Saturday in the morning due to my late rise from my slumber. I had to hold a firm and steady pace to get to the parking lot on time and to spare. When I crested the hill, I saw no one waiting, and I was quite sure no one was going to show up either. 8:27, and still no one, so I was formulating a plan, when suddenly I heard a car coming up the gravel lot from below.

I recognized the vehicle as Craig's and I was a bit surprised, as normally he is ahead of schedule and waiting on me! I found out when he emerged from his rig that he had been waylaid by highway construction, so it took him out of his route and the detour caused him to be a bit late.

Craig- Motoring.....
No worries. I had all day, and when Craig was readied we took off at a leisurely chatting pace, which took us Northward up to past Denver. I do not know how fast we were going, as Craig and I can talk up a fair storm and time went by without notice, not to mention the rollers.

I mentioned to Craig that my intention was to do the Ivanhoe Road loop and he said he didn't think he'd ever ridden that yet. It was interesting to see how he thought that ride was, and I think he thought it was a good route. I know I have grown to really like it now.

Another thing about riding with Craig- it seems we both have a lot of ideas on our rides. Man! I am going to have to take dictation or something when I ride with him, because it is getting hard to remember all the details! Again, it makes the hills flatter somehow when you are thinking about some cool idea or listening to a story. I remember thinking that a certain tough climb should be happening soon, and heck! We'd already be up it!

I also noticed a lot more flowers have popped open in the last week. The ditches are getting really colorful now, so if you are thinking about trying some gravel, the scenery is really about top notch now and I assume it will be good through the end of the month, at least.

We saw a few farmers out again, and even a couple of rustic fellas sitting in their vehicles on Ivanhoe Road. They looked a little bemused by the sight of us Lycra clad cyclists out in the middle of nowhere. We kindly waved and they gave us a half-hearted return wave as we went on by.

Then a pickup truck hauling two tanks of anhydrous ammonia was coming up from behind. Craig and I lined up nose to tail and moved to the right, expecting the caravan of gas to pass on the left, but it wasn't happening. The guy in the truck was just pacing us for a while. Finally, he passed us by. Maybe he was trying to figure out how fast we were going, or maybe he just was into dudes in Lycra. Whatever! That was odd....

Still June!
We saw a couple farmers still planting too. Must be soybeans by now. It is too late for corn, I would think. I sure hope that there is not an early freeze this Fall or there is going to be a lot of trouble on the farms- and for everyone else.

Craig and I then got to the fun "roller coaster" section by the Boy Scout camp where you coast so fast down a roller it takes you very nearly over the top of the next one down the road. Only a few, sharp strokes on the pedals and you are back flying down another descent. This goes on for almost a mile. It is pretty fun!

More chatting and then we found ourselves coming into the home stretch of our three hour ride. Suddenly I noticed a large, brown dog leaping into action, while its owner started to yell at the dog to stay. I could discern by its shape that it was a Doberman. We weren't going to outrun that dog! It was drawing a bead on Craig, who was the closest to the dog, and as Craig passed, several things all happened at once.

I stopped and aimed my bike at the charging dog. I figured I would charge the dog if it looked like an aggressive attack. Sometimes this puts a dog into flight mode, since they don't often get chased by large "whatchamacalits" out in the country. (I suppose that dogs have no idea what we are when we are on bicycles.) Secondly, Craig made a sharp, loud command of "Stop!!", or something similar, just as he passed the charging dog. Thirdly- The dog actually pulled up and stopped to heed the voice of its owner just as it entered the ditch.

Whew! No harm- no foul, as they say, and we all kept a rollin' to the parking lot and on our separate ways. At least I found out what the dog's name was by the owner's screaming it as we went by.

I'll be keepin' an eye out for you next time, Sasha!

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Exhausted_Auk said...

Sounds like a good time. Wish I could have joined you guys, but I'm in full brevet mode right now. Hopefully one of these weeks.....