Thursday, June 06, 2013

Monsoon Season?

Ready For The Slop
2013 has been the polar opposite of 2012 so far. Where we were wondering "when will it rain?" last year, this year we are left to wonder "when will it ever dry out?". I do not see an end to this wet cycle yet in the forecasts, and it is pretty exasperating.

The "endless Winter" turned into "monsoon season" with the single exception of the weekend of Trans Iowa V9, which was somehow exempted from wet, cold, nasty weather. In my opinion, that weekend remains the best weather weekend we've had yet all year long. In fact, it was warmer that weekend than it was yesterday here, and that was late April.

So, I've resigned myself to off roading in muck, mire, and wetness when I do go. It will soon be joined by wet weeds and mosquitoes by the millions, I'm sure. We certainly have enough standing water to propagate the nasties in record numbers this year. Just hope that you do not flat in the woods, or you will be relegated to running out with your bike in hand, cyclocross style, to escape the blood sucking critters. It's a good reason to have a tubeless set up.

Speaking of flats, I had one the other day. The tube in the tire just failed. No puncture. Bah! Is it just me, or are tubes getting thinner and smaller? Well, anyway.....

Hope you get in some dry rides, wherever you are!

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MG said...

So true... I'm tubeless on every bike these days. Even my road bike rolls sans tubes, thankfully! I feel very fortunate to have gotten it to the point that it's easy, reliable and takes care of most punctures I encounter on the road/trail. Tubeless is definitely the way to go...