Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gravel Mutt Project Update; Nearly Done Painting

A look with the Brooks on there...
Gravel Mutt Project:

Well, I thought I was done painting! I found about three spots that need a touch up, and then it'll be good to go for assembly. I laid the frame and fork up in my hot, dry attic for several days to help cure the paint, and then last night I tried doing some final buffing by hand. That's when I found the three areas I missed getting enough paint on. A quick hit in the garage today and then that'll be done, and I will just proceed from there after it dries awhile.

I found a couple things that will slightly alter the planned build. First thing has to do with the seat post. I assumed it was a 27.2mm post, but when I went to fit my Ritchey post it would not go in. Subsequent investigation led to the original post and a discovery that it was, in fact, a 26.8mm post. Very common in the early 90's, but pretty rare these days. The original post does have plenty of set back, which is nice from the standpoint of using a Brooks saddle, so I think it will suffice.

The second thing I found was at work where I discovered that at some point I had squirreled away a vintage 105 model Shimano crank from about the same time period as this Trek. It is a double, of course, so it will work great as a single ring set up for the planned 1X7.

So, that's it for now. More updates soon!

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