Monday, June 10, 2013

Gravel Mutt Project: Progress!

Okay, I think I have to call it quits on the painting-sanding-re-painting cycle I was in. This is it for now! I'll likely do a buff and wax job next then it's off to assembling this frame up into the Gravel Mutt.

As I stated in my "mini-update" from Friday, I am going to focus this update on the parts I am going to throw at this bike to complete it.

Following is a list of components that- for now- I am considering for the build.

  • XTR hubbed/Salsa Delgado rimmed wheel set. 
  • Original Shimano 600 cartridge bearing head set.
  • Original serviceable bottom bracket- (Unless a different crank dictates another- see below)
  • Original Shimano crank reduced to a single ring. (This may get nixed for the next item)
  • Shimano Sante' crank painted black. (Would require a switch to a cartridge BB)
  • Single 44T Redline BMX ring, 110 BCD (This may get nixed for below item)
  • Single 42T BioPace Shimano ring 130 BCD
  • Ritchey seat post in black ano
  • 1" to 1 1/8th quill adapter in silver ano
  • One of two 31.8mm clamp diameter threadless stems. (Depending on what length works best with the set up)
  • Ragley "Luxy" Bar in silver
  • Original Shimano SLR aero levers
  • Single 7spd bar end shifter. A Shimano unit, original to the bike.
  • Shimano LX rear derailleur that came with the bike. (Non-original)
  • Brooks B-17 saddle in Ochre. (New)

Question Marks: 

I still have not dug up any brakes yet. Obviously, the best would be some sort of cantilevers, but I do have some Problem Solvers Travel Agents in case I use some old XT linear pull brakes I have sitting around.

The crank set I will use will be determined by whether I am committing to BioPace. Yeah.....really. Why? Because I think there may be something to it. I have been experimenting with it on my Vaya, and with the way I have the ring clocked, (not how Shimano recommended it), I feel I get around pushing a bigger gear more easily than without the egg shaped chain ring on there. It is a definite difference. This would play into how I am setting up the Gravel Mutt for two reasons: First, it allows me to keep the seven speed cassette going from this bike's original build, and with the single front ring, I am going to end up pushing a bigger gear on steeper hills. The BioPace should help there. Secondly, it is definitely in keeping with the gravel mutt theme, since I got the ring for free. The ring would have to go on an old Sante' crank someone powder coated black, never used, and then gave to me. Free is definitely "gravel mutt approved" parts here!

Tires will be an experiment, but I do have MSO's sitting around, USH's sitting around, and other choices as well. Finally, bar tape. I have seen some hot pink bar tape at the shop. Hmm..... That or red.

So, there is where I am at now. Stay tuned. I should be putting this back together soon.


Unknown said...

Hey Guitar Ted - I'm enjoying your updates. I picked up a free schwinn High Plains from the 80's with BioPace cranks. Lugged steel. It might be a gravel grinder. Please explain or elaborate on your re-clocking of the egg shaped crank. - Paul in KC

Guitar Ted said...

@Paul Ebner: I will do that on a post, but for guidance and from where I was inspired- see Rotor Cranks.

.s.s. said...

I like the Confetti-o-Flage.