Friday, December 06, 2013

Trans Iowa v10: News On Schwag

T.I.v10 t-shirt design is in center here.
Earlier on during the registration process I made mention of how my plan was to get everyone that is on the roster and that actually shows up to Trans Iowa v10 a t-shirt and a cycling cap. This post will bring to light what I've got going on with that and a bit of a change up.

First off- There has been a slight change of plans regarding the caps. Apparently, the providers of cycling caps are really proud of their work, because they charge double what it costs to have t-shirts made! That's right- double the price on the average. That pretty much put the kibosh on getting cycling caps made for the racers. But........have no fear, another plan was hatched.

Apparently, "trucker" style caps are el-cheapo. Who knew?  One might think that they should be more expensive to make than a t-shirt, but they are not. Cool! And in a bonus, you won't have to be cycling, or appear as a cyclist to wear one. So, obviously you racers that show up to Grinnell at the Pre-Race Meat-Up will be getting a t-shirt and a hat, just not a cycling cap.

I know- I know! Some of you may be so disappointed that you drop out of T.I.v10 right now, but for those of you that stay in, I think you'll be stoked on these celebratory shirts and hats. It is my way of celebrating 10 years of Trans Iowa madness and thanking you who actually show up to ride this coming April. The designs have been signed off on, the money provided by our fine sponsor, Lederman's Bonding Company and myself,  and everything is being procured and printed now.

Just thought you should know. These are limited edition, one time only products and there will be no extras for sale! The designs are by myself and Jeff Kerkove, the co-originators of Trans Iowa and available only to those who toe the line at Trans Iowa v10. Special? I'll let those who get these tell you that.

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