Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The Replacement

Olympus TOUGH TG-3
I finally killed my Fuji point and shoot back in April at the Renegade Gents Race. I lost the battery in a freakish drop on pavement somehow, and while I could have tracked down another one, I just decided that it was time to move on. That drop was a sign, I think, that I had finally milked that old, dented, scratched, and beaten camera for all it was worth.

I got some good recommendations for cameras that fit my needs and parameters from my friend, Wally, who does photography now for a living, and one of them really stuck out as fitting my needs more than the others.

My criteria for a replacement camera were as follows:

  • Must be pocketable and retrievable easily while riding a bicycle. No funky lens protrusions and obviously, it had to be smaller than an interchangeable lens camera, so all of those were out. 
  • I wanted it to have durability. I ride gravel, I sweat, I ride off road, I ride in snow. The old Fuji, while not designed to be weather-proof, was pretty adaptable to my needs. The new camera had to be this as well. 
  • Controls that could be operated with a gloved hand, and definitely operated with one hand. 
  • Features: I don't care about movies, I don't care about a lot of gee-gaws, so I didn't really look at the HD movie this, or the WiFi that. Really- I could care less about those things. I just want a camera that takes a good image while I ride. 
Riding and shooting images. Ya know- that's something I've missed lately. I have an iPhone 5, but the camera experience sucks. Sorry to those of you that think an iPhone, or any camera-phone, is all you need because none of them really are that great. None.

I have a Panasonic LX-3, which is a fun little camera, but it is a clunky shape, and it cannot really function as an "on the bike" camera. Heck, if I dropped that thing, I bet it would die the death the first time. And grit and weather? No way. I've packed it along on rides, but it is definitely a "stop and shoot" camera, not a "ride and shoot" camera.

So I ordered a red Olympus TOUGH TG-3 and soon it will be on the way, (once they come into stock), and I'll be happily popping the shutter button from the bike again. While it is "overly-featured" for my needs, it has salient features that I do need in a camera- namely the "tough" ones! Plus it has some stuff available that I may grow into. So, hopefully soon I'll be shooting and sharing more stuff here using this new tool.


coastkid said...

That looks the ideal camera for the blogging cyclist!,
Liking the time lapse mode, along with the filming i could make good use of a waterproof tough camera for cycling,also one that is not interested in the whole wi fi thing, same goes with camer phones for poor quality,
Post up a few reviews of the TG-3 please Ted once you put it through it`s paces,


Tyler Loewens said...

Good choice! I have an Olympus Tough camera that has served me well, except the image quality is now less the my phone (Samsung S5) HA.

Guitar Ted said...

@coastkid: I have been eying that time lapse feature myself. I may be convinced to do a short film or two with this camera. I will definitely be writing up a review, so look for that in the future.

Unknown said...

GT - the only knock on the TG-3 by reviewers is thats the video is not that great, which I knew when i recommended it to you. The sensor is small by standards I prefer but i'm doing different things and when I'm on my bike, I use a similar sized sensor. If you want compact, you gotta give up something somewhere.
Oly does a damn fine job on out of camera JPG's. I've blown a few sample pics up to large size on my 27" iMac and they look darn fine to me. I think you will love this thing! I may get one for my canoe and fishing trips. Seems to be the ticket for outdoors. Let me know when you get it!