Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational: Update

Jason Boucher going up a B Road from the 2010 edition
In about a week and a half we'll be taking off from backbone State Park just South of Strawberry Point Iowa for the 9th annual Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational. I've had inquiries already about the ride and several folks thinking about heading over for it have told me they may show up. Just to be clear, here are some of the finer details I have for you, if you should also want to show up for this ride.

  • Anyone can come: This isn't that big a deal folks! If you want to come and ride, show up. No fees. No hoopla. Just a big, no drop group ride for the fun of it. 
  • July 26th is the date: It is a Saturday. Start time will be 6am sharp! We will be leaving from the campground at Backbone State Park. If you are running late, or are staying in Strawberry Point, we should be rolling through there by 6:30am, and we will be leaving town by the West on Highway 3. Plan accordingly! (The ride will come back through Strawberry Point and return to Backbone State Park)
  • Giant, Approximately 116 Mile Loop: The course will start and stop at the same point, (as mentioned above), and will be about a 116 miles. There will be tough, 12%-18% grades all day interspersed with some flatter terrain. Towns we will go through include Strawberry Point, Volga, Wadena, Elgin, Elkader, and Garber Iowa. I plan on us stopping at Wadena and Elkader for resupply. Elkader is 45-ish from the end, by the way. The loop has tough climbs in the first third, then a middle section that is scenic but relatively flat, then a butt kicking ending. Be ready to suffer some, but also- bring a camera. You'll see some awesome sights of Iowa. Be prepared to carry water and food to get you by for 50 miles at a crack.
  • Rain or Shine: I'll ride no matter, unless there are severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. 
  • Friday Night Get Together: I will be camping out at Backbone, so if you want to come out to camp Friday night, look me up.
  • Cues: I'll post a printable cue sheet for the ride soon, but don't worry unless you think you'll be bailing out or going on your own at some point, because we will stick together. If you think there is a possibility of you not making it, print out or bring a detailed map of Clayton and Fayette Counties for reference. There is no sag and You Are Responsible For You!!
That's about it. Any questions? Want to give me a shout out that you are coming? Hit the comments section or e-mail @ Look for details on my easier, shorter Fall ride dubbed the "Geezer Ride" coming soon!

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