Sunday, July 06, 2014

TIMP Update

I may have to fire off a few more of these soon!
Trans Iowa Master's Program Update:

This coming week will be a busy one, relatively speaking, for the TIMP route. There will be four riders attempting the route within two days of each other.

First up we have a pair of fellas named Chad and Matt Mason. I believe they are brothers, one from New Mexico and the other lives up here in Iowa. (Correct me if I am wrong on this in the comments section, please!) They plan on attempting the route on the 9th of July, which is Wednesday this week.

Then we have two fellas I am familiar with. One hailing from Missouri, and that would be Don Daly, who I just rode with back in Odin's Revenge. His riding partner will be Trans Iowa finisher Craig Irving. They will be hitting the route up starting on the 11th, which is on Friday.

With the recent "dry" spell we've had, I am expecting no further course issues out there, but again- you never know. So if you are thinking of making an attempt, here's the "official" protocol for dealing with a reroute out on course.

Course conditions or road closures may happen. If  you have to detour for a road closure, or due to unforeseen conditions, a written "excuse" and images must be provided detailing why you had to divert from the course. (A good example would be a bridge out, or a flooded road.) , Re-routes must be on as much gravel as possible for it to be allowed. The final judgment on re-routes will be rendered by Guitar Ted and his decision is final. Don't take unnecessary risks! Use what's inside that brain case and be smart!
So, there ya go. Be resourceful, be creative, but don't do anything stupid. (Like fording a creek that is flooded, etc...) This ride ain't worth your life. (Some folks would argue that doing a TIMP attempt at all is "stupid", but that's another debate)

I am looking forward to reading the reports from these rides. Should be a good time of year for it......

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