Sunday, November 01, 2015

Bad Legs

November starts out with a thud.
It was one of those days. I tried to get out before noon to hit the gravel a bit so that Mrs. Guitar Ted could go to a matinee' in the afternoon. I'm not a movie guy- at all- so I wasn't down to go, I just wanted her to be able to feel free to go since I could be home with the kids.

That meant the shorter, Southern loop was on tap. It was a good choice as the wind was out of the South and I would get a tailwind push back. Initially, going down the bike path, I felt okay. I was maybe a tad overdressed, as the Sun was out and it was getting warmer by the minute as the blazing orb climbed the sky. It was okay right then though.

I finally made the turn on to Aker Road and I felt it. Well, actually, I didn't feel it, and that was the problem. My heart rate was too high, my legs hurt, and I basically was working far too hard for this road. I know this road well, and so, it wasn't hard to figure out that I just didn't have it in the tank. So, I stopped, because sometimes a brief stop will bring me to a place that I finally wake up and the rest of the ride starts to come together. Not so this day!

You know you have "bad legs" when you are coming back with the wind at your back and you end up hurting on the easiest of climbs. Yeah.....pretty discouraging. I ended up cutting my planned loop short, and it still took me over two hours of riding to get back home. There will be better days..........

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