Thursday, November 05, 2015

A Better Day

Depending upon which way you went, it was either Heaven or Hell!
Last weekend I didn't feel worth a hoot on my gravel ride, but yesterday was a different story. In more than one way!

First of all, last weekend there was some wind, but yesterday, there was wind! It was straight up out of the South, and while the weather service said it was 16mph, out in the country it was much stronger than that. Then the roads were completely different. Last weekend they were fast with all the coarse gravel pushed off to the side of the road. Then the maintainers came in and pushed all that coarse stuff back out over the roads again. So, even though things were tougher, as far as conditions were, I was in a better condition to deal with it all.

I decided that I needed to hit the roads with that steel Revenuer bike in for testing, and I had just slapped on a new pair of Maxxis Pika 38's on it to try out. I headed South first to get the windy part out of the way right off the bat. I didn't know how my legs would hold up, especially since I was woken from a sound sleep the night before by simultaneous hamstring cramps which left my legs hurting yet after I woke up again in the morning. I took it slow and easy on the way out via the bike path.

I decided I felt some hunger pangs, so I planned to stop right after hitting the gravel on Aker Road to grab a couple Hammer Gel packets I had stowed away before I left for the ride in my Revelate Tangle bag. It's sad to note, but just as the road goes to gravel. as you crest the hill there, you can find about 36 Bud Lite cans and a couple of 18 pack boxes. It would appear that some youginz are "slow rolling" Aker Road at night and having some beers. I should come back with the townie someday and clean up.......

The US made, "Official Iowa Gravel Road Kickstand" placed for your convenience at regular intervals all across the state.

I got rolling again, and the wind was oppressive. I didn't think my grandiose ride plans were going to be a reality. I always do that when I go out. I think I'm going to crack off this enormous ride when in fact I don't have the fitness or time to do it. Reality check! I decided to push on till Petrie Road, hang a left, and come back with the wind on Ansborough.

After the harvest activity. Here this field is getting drainage tile.
Immediately after turning out of the wind, I picked up lots of speed, which made me think I should go farther. However; I realized that time still wasn't on my side, and I had other chores to attend to yet. No, my plan to do the "short Southern route" was a good one. Stick to it then! I came off Petrie and left on to Ansborough, and then I was flying with the wind. Of course, that was fun, but soon I ran out of gravel and back into town again.

The only Fall color activity left here is with the oaks, which are always the last to turn around here. 
So it was that I was cruising the city streets and enjoying the balmy mid-60's temperatures. Uncommonly good for an early November day here. Thanks for that goes to El Nino, I guess. I'm quite sure we're due for some hard freezes and wooly wear days soon, but for now, it is still shirt sleeve weather during the sunlight hours, which aren't long anymore. We're only a month and a half or so away from the shortest day of the year. Enjoy it while ya can, I say.


Exhausted_Auk said...

Which tire do you mean, the CST Pika or the Maxxis Rambler? I hadn't heard of either of them, but they both look like interesting options in different situations.

Guitar Ted said...

@Exhausted_Auk- The Pika, which I have now, is a lower priced, less feature rich tire than the Rambler, which has better compounds and is tubeless ready. I should have Ramblers in hand soon.