Saturday, November 21, 2015

Trans Iowa v12: Odds And Ends

Just some small business to clear up today...

First of all, here's a tip to anyone curious about riding in a Trans Iowa: You will have to wait until, and if, there ever is another Trans Iowa. 

I have received a few e-mails since the registration closed asking about "getting on a list", or if they could ride in Trans Iowa, "please make more space", and what not. There is no "waiting list" or "notification list". There is no more room to get in. If you have a question about riding in Trans Iowa v12, and your name is not on the roster currently, the answer to your question is no. I am not answering those e-mails and I ask that you watch the site next year to see if you can have a chance.

Secondly- If you have any reason that prevents you from getting your training in, or that will prevent you from being ready for Trans Iowa, or any reason at all that will stop you from showing up 100% prepared to go, (or show up at all), please drop out. I think it is pretty plain that we will put on Trans Iowa for one rider if that is what ends up happening. (See last Spring) The number of folks on the roster doesn't mean anything to me. It is what it is. What does matter to me is that you, as a rider that has committed to show up, be 100% ready to go.

Finally- The "Trans Iowa Fireside Chats", which will basically be all about what it takes to do a Trans Iowa, will happen on Wednesdays and sometimes on Saturdays on Periscope, which is an ap that allows me to live broadcast video and link it to Twitter. You can easily access Twitter and my account at @guitarted1961. Hopefully many of you can tune in. I'll put up broadcast alerts ahead of time on Twitter, the Trans Iowa site, and Facebook the day of the Periscopes. They will be 7-10 minutes long, so a pretty quick hitting deal, but it is something. Hopefully these will help in some small way.

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