Friday, November 06, 2015

Friday News And Views

Look for another Project 1X1 update coming soon...
Project 1X1 Update:

Well, the wheels went well. I will get you all caught up to speed on how the final bits went and then I will move on to the rest of the bike. I had to get a new stem, handle bar, and I haven't decided 100% on what I will need to do about the brakes yet.

This is kind of a weird bike, for me at any rate. 26 inch wheels, and as it goes with most bike companies, I am an in between size for this bike. This is an 18"er, which is smallish for me, but a 20"er is too long. Oh well..... I am used to it and will make do for now.

So, at this point the bike is rideable. I have several "fine tuning" adjustments I have to make though. The brakes, mentioned above, being one of those things. The other major change will be when I can get my mitts on a set of Surly's new Extraterrestrial tires. Those meats are tubeless rated and should fit the Cliffhangar rims fine. All of that tubelessness will be awesome, and I expect to be able to do a lot with this set up over the course of the Winter.

The "place holder" tires are kind of interesting. They are some Serfas tires I got over a year ago when I was still writing for Twenty Nine Inches. Wait........twenty six inch tires were sent to Twenty Nine Inches for review? Yep! By mistake, and they didn't want them back when I offered to send them back, so they hung around here until I had a reason to use them. That reason is the Project 1X1. So, now you know and that in "full disclosure mode" and all.... Anyway, one of the tires is dubbed the "Boil" model. Yes......boil. Who comes up with these names anyway? Weird.

Is a Luxy Bar redux just around the corner?
Alt Drop Bar News:

As many of you long time readers here know, I am a fan of the old Ragley Luxy Bar, which is a highly swept, flared drop bar. Since it hasn't been in production now for a few years, many folks hunt these down on E-bay and are paying more than what they were originally offered for in hard earned cash. I have casually kept my finger on the pulse of a rumored re-introduction of this design for years now.

The latest that I have heard is that "pact bikes", the new project started by the designer of the Luxy Bar, Brant Richards, was green lighted to do a knock off of the Luxy Bar. Then things were very quiet for quite a while. That is until yesterday.

That was when I noticed a bit of Twitter back and forth between Brant and some other UK based blokes who were mentioning the Luxy Bar and a company named "Alpkit" in the same breath. What?!! So I investigated, and it seems that this company is going to do a line of bicycles and components, one of which is a flared drop bar that, (supposedly), is the Ragley Luxy Bar reborn, or close to it. Now, I've not seen this mystery, unicorn bar yet, but when I do, I'll post up about it here. Stay tuned......

By the way, this is a "pactbike" Battlecat 650B+ rig. It's titanium. I think it is quite lovely. Brant designed one in Alu for Alpkit too. Check it out.
Velo Orange Dajia Far Bar
Velo Orange has just released the "Dajia Far Bar" for sale on its site at $54.00. This, or one nearly like it, appeared as a bar on some Koga-Miyata trekking bikes, as I understand it, in Europe a while back. However that may be, here is another choice for a flared drop bar.

It kind of reminds me of what might be called the love child of a WTB Dirt Drop v2 and a Woodchipper. My initial comments were that it looks as though you have one place to put your levers and one place to put your hands in the drops. That seems a bit limiting when you compare this to other swept/flared drop bars that are out there for sale these days.

These are available in silver or black ano, so that is cool. At least you aren't stuck with boring ol' black ano. Velo Orange also offers them in two widths, 44mm and 48mm. They are bar end compatible as well. The bars are definitely different, but I struggle to see any benefits over what we have now with Midge, Cowchipper, and hopefully that new "Mud Love" components bar from Alpkit.

Okay, that's a wrap from G-Ted Productions for today. Have a great weekend and go ride a bicycle!


Unknown said...

Hi Ted, this looks like the same bar as the Genetic Digest.

I have a set of the 48cm Digest bars on a Trek 930 MTB with an Xtracycle Free Radical. I just installed them a few months ago and haven't taken any pics as of yet. The riding experience is good. I like the hand position in the drops, and after some experimentation, I found a position for the brake levers that strikes a balance between my being able to reach them from the drops and comfort when riding on the hoods. Given a choice between the Digest bar and a Luxy bar, I'd still choose the Luxy. However, I find the Digest bars to be more comfortable than the Woodchippers I had on the bike previously, or the Specialized RM-2 bars on the bike prior to the Woodchippers.

I'm hopeful that Alpkit will produce a Luxy-esque bar, and I'm one of those searching for the rare Luxy bar that goes up for sale. But until one of those arrive at my door, I'd pick the Digest/Dajia as my second choice.

Anonymous said...

Ciao Ted,
The Alpkit,not so Ragley Luxy bar,"Love Mud Bomber" is born