Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday News And Views

From December 20th, 2015. Soon this will be happening again.
Changing Seasons- Changing Gears

Okay, look.....I know I've said I thought Winter was about shot already before, but this time! I mean, look at the temperatures. Going up near 50°F and staying above freezing for 48 hours or more with temperatures forecast to be in the upper 30's/low 40's for at least a week. Yeah.....It is time. 

I put the fat bike on standby yesterday and rode my Black Mountain Cycles bike to work. I don't know that I'll be commuting on a fat bike for quite some time now. The chatter locally is that the gravel roads should be firming up real soon, and the season is fixing to turn to Spring anytime now. Sure, we may have a three day blast of cold air here and there, or another snow, but Winter, I believe, is on the run now. It's time to switch over to gravel travel again.

The thing we tend to forget here is that it wasn't all that long ago that I was, at any rate, riding gravel roads. The image I posted for today is from five days before Christmas! It was the last big gravel ride I did before the snow flew just before Christmas, and then it got real cold and snowy, and well, you know! The point is, Winter, while pretty intense and great for fat biking, really wasn't that long of a season this time.

Now will go below zero and snow big time because I wrote this! That's okay. If it does, blame me. I can handle it..........

How long, you crazy Californians? How long.....
Still Waiting.....

Maybe you remember that I have been saying that I will be building up some new gravel wheels for my Twin Six Standard Rando. Well, I am going to do that, as soon as White Industries gets my hubs to me. There was an order placed, a phone call to find out what was going on two weeks ago, when we found out that the order was there, but not processed for some strange reason, and now......... Who knows? 

Maybe I'll finally end up getting something different, or maybe these things will finally show up. I only know that this has been dragging on for far too long and I am giving it another week and if nothing happens I have to move on. Sheesh! This process started in January, for cryin' out loud, and pretty soon it is going to be March and gravel riding will be happening. I need that Standard Rando up and 

I was kind of hoping to be piloting this rig for the Renegade Gents Race which happens on the first weekend of April, which, ya know, is just a hair over a month away. I'd like to have time to re-calibrate the bike to me after putting the rig on ice back in September last Fall.

Trans Iowa V12:

Oh, and then there is this other little deal I have going on toward the end of April called Trans Iowa. That's going to start ramping up in importance in my life really soon as well. So, here is the latest on that event I can share with you all....

Stickers for your bumper, your tool box, or your pile of other, forgotten memorabilia, are coming. They will be 4" tall by 8" long, so pretty good sized. Every rider that bothers to show up for the ride at the Pre-Race Meat-Up will get one in their swag bag. Volunteers will also get these, and a couple of special accessories to wear as well. Stay tuned on those......

After T.I.v12 I am going to have a "Trans Iowa Rummage Sale" where I am going to clear out the remaining t-shirts, hats, stickers, and maybe a few other oddments that seem to be piling up around here at Guitar Ted Laboratories. So, put that in your files for later. I'll post a full list of the items after Trans Iowa v12 is over!!

Finally: There have been a few drops that have been reported to me. Bummer, but I appreciate the notes since that means I won't be doing extra work for folks that won't be showing up for whatever reasons. Keep that in mind if you are in T.I.v12. If you cannot come, for whatever reason, please let me know as soon as possible. 

Thanks and have a great weekend. Think Spring!!


mcasey said...

Morning, great post as always. I'm debating taking off the studded tires but I know better. I was also planning on building up a wheelset, my first, basically because of your post talking about building up one for the rando. But I found a r45 King set with Heds at a local swap meet. So that project is now on the backburner. I noticed in the first photo you have a front bag and rack mounted. I don't remember reading or seeing if you have ever talked about running a rack on a gravel bike. I would like to mount a Nitto rack and a Rando bag. I like to read about other people's experience before I pull the trigger on an expensive prop. I would mount it on my Tamland.

One Eyed z said...

I too am hoping Spring is getting ready to hit us. I'm ready for dry gravel.
Looking at the long range forecast we'll have nice dry gravel and mid 40s temps for CIRREM! Gonna have to make sure my geared rig is ready to roll.

R said...

your 2nd stanza was prophetic GT - it put a big smile on my face!
a whole lot of Poweshiek and Tama county gravel showed itself as more than capable this morning...