Monday, February 29, 2016

The Monkey Decade Plus Three Update: #2

Getting closer
Okay, so now this is starting to look like a bicycle again. Now things are getting down to brass tacks. Some tidbits and the brakes will be the finishing touches.

Brakes: I got the studs put in, but I am finding out that there are brake studs, and there are brake studs. The XT "V" brakes I wanted to use won't work because the studs I am finding have stand-offs that put the brake too far away from the spring retainer. So, I either have to search for different studs, or use different brakes. I have discovered that a set of "ceesy" linear pull brakes do work. So, there is hope that I will ave brakes, just not the ones I thought I'd have.

Tidbits: Then there are the odd ball pieces. Things like the right cog spacers for the single Boone Titanium cog that I am using. I need that to align the chain line just right. Then I am going to have to get a Surly Tuggnut for the quick release axle to keep it in place. I still may end up getting a set of long pull brake levers, which I see I have only one of at the moment. Gotta have a pair of those!

But beyond that, I am really close to putting the old Karate Monkey back on the gravel roads.

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