Saturday, February 13, 2016

Minus Ten Review- 6

Classic Year of the Monkey stuff here.
Ten years ago on the blog here I was having some fun with my local bloggers here. Yeah..... That was a long time ago! In many ways, it was kind of cool to see everyone blogging instead of posting memes on Facecrack like many do now. Blogs were/are a bit more considered, thoughtfully constructed, and more fun, in my opinion. They were/are a lot of work though, and the minute Facecrack made some in-roads, then blogging went by the wayside, I think. Anyway.....I digress. 

Local bloggers......yeah, okay! One of these was Carl, and on his blog he accused me as being a 29"er nutcase. All in good fun, of course. That was most likely in reference to a possibility of a Cannondale 29"er coming down the pike. I also was speculating on a 2007 release of a Specialized 29"er at the time. It seems rather odd now to think that hardly anyone was doing 29"ers, but there was a time when they were rare.

I was asked about my drop bar on my Karate Monkey, so I posted about that bike, which I still need to get the dang bottom bracket out of! One of these ol days, I will.

You'll see!

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