Thursday, February 25, 2016


There will be no epic walks through Minneapolis this time
My apologies friends and colleagues. This is to inform you that for the first time in 14 years I will not be attending Frostbike in Bloomington, Minnesota.

A late Winter tradition for me, and a great run of attending and being crazy on several occasions. I'll have to break the string this year. The invitation on the media side wasn't there, and the shop just dropped the ball on getting us registered, so the event filled up, and there is no room at the inn for Guitar Ted this year.

Now probably 90% of you or more out there could probably give a rip, but I actually do have a few friends that I only get to see at Frostbike, thus the apology in advance, should they be wondering what the heck happened to me this year.

Last year, apparently, from what I heard anyway, there were a few folks wondering why I wasn't there while I was cashed out in a motel room because of my epic all night walk through a snowy Minneapolis. Well, there will be no epic walks this year that keep me from attending. No..... I wish that was the case, but it isn't and I won't be showing up even for one day, like I did last year.

So, in case you were wondering, you shouldn't be looking for me at Frostbike. I'll be out riding my bicycle instead......

Have fun if you are going, folks.

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