Saturday, June 04, 2016

Minus Ten Review- 22

Riding the Inbred at the first DK200 in '06 (Image by Joel Dyke)
Ten years ago this week on the blog I gave everyone a rundown of all the stuff I was writing and who it was for. Two websites and my own blogging! So, yeah......I've been cranking out material for a long time. 

The other bit that was going on was chatter about 100 mile endurance mtb events, which were just getting organized back in the day. A big series dubbed the "NUE Series" was started to include several of the biggest, most popular 100 milers. That really gave the format a boost, and I would submit that it also gave rise to the multiple day stage race events like the Breck Epic. 24hr racing seemed to be loosing its appeal, but as we know, it never went away.

Interestingly enough, it appears that now a series of national 24 hour events and a national solo 24hr championship date are happening this year. Is 24hr racing on the comeback trail? It would seem so. We'll see if what comes around, goes around.....again! 

Finally, I lamented the fast growing vegetation in the area and how it was overcoming the trails. Maintenance in an organized fashion did not exist in this area at the time. Now, I am not claiming that I had any influence over the resulting organization here, but it was ironic that shortly after I made my blog posts about this subject that an organization was formed. This has greatly improved our situation here in the local area, and I am glad to say other organizations have picked up loppers and mowers, and the other tools to keep us rolling along all Summer off road. That wasn't the case ten years ago.

We've come a long way, Baby!, as the old ad used to say.

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