Monday, October 31, 2016

Trans Iowa v13: Registration Has Closed!

Just a quick post to make sure everybody knows that the registration process for Trans Iowa v13 has concluded. The Rookie Class was the last to register. The other spots had been set a couple weeks ago now. There were 82 cards that passed muster with only 55 spots available. I drew the cards using the same Christmas tin can we used last year. Unfortunately, since my boy is in wrestling and my daughter had homework, I could not live broadcast the lottery this year. So, I kicked the can around, rolled it, shook it up, and started drawing names.

After I would draw out about ten or a little less, I would shake the can up again. I tried to turn over the cards so none were stuck on the bottom, and what have you. Once I drew out all 55 cards I stopped to verify that they all were actually filled out correctly. Once that was determined I started to fill out the roster.

Once again, lots of cards were not filled out correctly. Some missed certain parts of Rule #1, or they personalized the rule. It was asked to be copied verbatim. Many, many cards were tossed for absolutely horrendous penmanship. Look, if you cannot write a lick, get someone who can! 

Then there was the lottery, and it is sad that not everyone that got in the lottery could be in T.I.v13, but I must keep the rider limit to 120 or less. That's just the way the event is. If you have trouble understanding that, e-mail me. I would be happy to explain it.

Okay, so that's the announcement and a bit of back ground. For the entire roster, go here!


Andy said...

Hey Mr. GT, I guess I'm guilty of imperfect penmanship as well! I got on the roster as Andrew C Lang...but it's actually Long :) minor detail I know.

Looking forward to it!

Cheers, Andy Long

Guitar Ted said...

@Andy: Okay. I'll get that corrected. Thank you for letting me know. Good luck with all your preparations for T.I.v13!