Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday News And Views

This is my office today.
Fargo Riders Reunion Ride:

So, by the time you get your cuppa joe and sit down to read this I will be pulling on my gear and getting ready to roll out in the crisp morning air for a ride I've been excited about for months now. The ride I have dubbed as the "Fargo Riders Reunion Ride'.  Now Jason, the ride coordinator and route finder,  may have another moniker for it, or none at all, but if he does, I'll use his name. Otherwise this is the working title, y'all!

I'm pretty excited to test out the Bar Yak System on a route that I have not much of a clue about. I doubt there will be much flat stuff, if memory serves, as I understand that we are going on a form of the old Rawland Route.  I attended and rode in one of those rides back when they were being held. However; I happen to know that there will be new stuff and some old stuff that is no longer available to ride. So, it will likely be mostly a new ride to me. I'm sure that with the company coming along for this one that it will be a fun time though. That much I do know!

Stay tuned for a ride report on Monday.

Could this be the ultimate big wheeled trail bike format?
Big Diameter, Wide Tires & Rims, Low Pressures = Ultimate Trail Bike? 

Last Friday I mentioned that the 27.5" X 4" (or "B-Fat) wheels have been something that was only a Trek deal, but one that now is being looked at by other brands. I said I felt there was probably something to all that bigger fat bike wheel stuff. Well, low and behold, but a fellow that has thinkered out every tenth of a millimeter when it comes to this has basically confirmed my suspicions with real world testing.

The man is named Mike Curiak, and he posted a great blog entry the other day detailing this very idea and its development path from a typical long travel 29"er to this full suspension "B-Fat" bike using microscopic detail and discernment. Like he says, it may not be for you, but when you read his take, it makes a lot of sense. These reasons he gives for the "B-Fat" wheel's excellent performance and feel on gnarly terrain are spot on.

Curiously, he gives a lot of love to the 29+ wheel for what it can do. I've only ever ridden two 29+ bikes I liked and both were Surlys. I tried my Mukluk as a 29+ but I just didn't feel the magic. I think the bike has to be a dedicated 29+ design or something about the geometry doesn't lay well with those ginormous hoops. I had a short stint on a Deadwood and felt similar feelings. Not quite there. Anywho.....

Give that link a click and read what Mike has to say about"B-Fat" and see what you think. Makes sense to my mind........

And that's a warp on the week. Get out and have some fun on two wheels this weekend!

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