Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Whoops! Must have forgotten the LocTite!
So the other day I had my son out for a fat bike ride. He's a much bigger fella than he used to be, almost "man-sized" these days, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised if he breaks something.

The ride was going well. We were in the Green Belt riding out to do Marky-Mark and then we were heading back around the lake back there. I was up ahead of my son by about 50 yards when I heard a big "crack!". Then I turned to see my son dismounting his bike and exclaiming, "You've got to be kidding me!". I figured he snapped his derailleur off.

I rode back to where he was standing beside his bike which was laying drive side up in the trail. I looked at the rear wheel but all was fine there. Then I saw it. A folded over chain ring. What?!! I had heard about such things happening but I'd never had that happen to me. Well......it wan't me, but I did build the bike. Hrrumph! I must have forgotten the LocTiite on that bolt. My bad!

So, I told my son to hit the parking lot, which was about a quarter mile away, and then I rode home as fast as I could in my"high range" on the Blackboow DS. Spinning out on a bike with 4.8" fat bike tires weird deal. Roaring tires on pavement and a bit of bouncing, despite my best efforts at trying to be smooth. It was quite a scene!

Well, I got the "Truck With No Name" and rescued him as he was sitting in the parking lot in a light drizzle. Then I dragged the wounded bike down to the Lab where it has been since waiting on a new Race Face chain ring in green ano to replace the broken one.

I think I'll hang his old one up in his room after I get it off the bike, just as a reminder of the "good times"!


S Sprague said...

Oh Dang! Glad he's not hurt! I have never folded a chainring but broke 3 of 5 crank ring arms on my SRAM Red crank, due to over tightening of chainring bolts and it was bought used. That's a good ring to keep for stories down the road.

Unknown said...

It'd be cool to keep all the things I break but instead I get angry and break them even more.