Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bikes Of 2017: Raleigh Tamland 2

It is that time of year when I start reviewing the bikes that got me through 2017. Many of these bikes have been tweaked and changed so I will talk about that and why they were important to me this past year.

Yep, another familiar face here. The Raleigh Tamland 2 has been a good rig for me over the years. I was amused recently when one of you commented here that the only thing original to the bike anymore is the frame and fork. Well, you could be forgiven for thinking as much, but while that is close, it isn't quite the case.

Just for the record, the frame, fork, head set, bottom bracket, crankset, seat post, and rear derailleur are still stock on this bike. That's not much, granted, but it is a fair amount of the original build! I still have the wheels and I still have the original brakes. I still have the original saddle also.

Speaking of saddles....I finally got what I needed on there after fiddling around with other saddles for a couple of years. The WTB Pure, (Pure V originally), is the bomb for my behind. Love that saddle. Now that this conundrum has been solved, I don't really need anything else different here.

Changes recently have been the Gevenalle HYDRAULIC brake system and the Ritchey Venturemax bar. These items were added as test items for review on RidingGravel.com and have been so good they are staying on long term. The brakes also changed up my shifting to the excellent Gevenalle system which also includes the Burd front derailleur. The shifting is so light and precise it is uncanny, and that system is nearly indestructible.

Finally the tires and wheels. I built up these White Industries/WTB i25 KOM wheels last year and these have been awesome wheels. I should build up another set just because. Anyway, I got to test these Trans Iowa inspired treads from WTB, the Resolutes, and they are fantastic on this bike.


Unknown said...

Do you have any pics of the Venturemax next to regular bars? I keep reading that it's measured differently but I haven't seen any direct comparisons.

Barturtle said...

My Tamland One still has the stock: Frame, Fork, Headset, Shifters, Front derailleur, and Brake Calipers.

Unknown said...

I too have a Tamland (although version 1). I bought it a couple years ago based on your review and the type of riding I wanted to do (Heck of the North type rides). It's been bomb proof, almost literally, and has replacement parts mainly because of the type of rugged riding I get to do in Northern MN. Thanks for the recommendation and input for this bike!

Unknown said...

Wondering if you've had any chance to ride a newer Tamland with the carbon fork for comparison? I have a TL2 with a steel fork. No complaints, but I wouldn't mind shedding a couple pounds on my setup.