Thursday, November 30, 2017

News Flash: Dirty Kanza 200 Registration Opens Friday

To be a part of this scene in 2018, you have to make it through the lottery drawing.
Registration By Lottery For 2018:

A big change is coming for those hoping to jump into, or back into, the Dirty Kanza 200 and its attendant shorter distance events. This change has to do with registration.

In the past registration was conducted on-line, like many other events, but due to the ever increasing pressure from riders to get a chance to ride this event, the on-line way of doing things became untenable. There are just too many folks vying for roster spots which caused issues with the how the on-line process worked. This caused a lot of ill feelings and a bunch of headaches for the promoters of the DK200. It was obvious that a change was necessary.

So, to alleviate any unfairness and ill will due to the registration processes failure to handle the demand, the DK Promotions folks have opted to go with a random selection lottery. The process will still be enacted by riders using an on-line process, but instead of having to hover over your computer at "dark-thirty" waiting to push "enter" with your info, hoping it will beat the thousands of others doing the same thing, you can enter your info at your leisure, starting tomorrow until December 16th.

After the sixteen day window for entering closes, the pool of names will be drawn from to fill the allotted spots for the DK200, 100, 50, and 25 mile options. There is even a way for groups of riders to get in. Check it all out HERE.

So, if you have a mind to enter, get your info submitted starting tomorrow.

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