Saturday, March 09, 2019

Minus Ten Review 2009-10

Extreme close up of a chunk of river ice washed up along Black Hawk Creek in 2009.
Ten years ago this week on this blog I was gabbing about the transition from Winter to Spring. It was well under way, and as most of the snow was gone, we all were just waiting for the trails to straighten out after the frost came out of the ground.

Big contrast to this year where this weekend marks only the mere beginnings of turning the corner from Winter to Spring.

I also noted while researching this post that I was still not 100% locked in as far as a format for this blog yet. For instance, there was a "Wednesday News And Views" that week. I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise since 2009 marked only the fourth year of this blog. I was settling in on a format and posting schedule for sure by this time, but I don't think you readers quite understand how things were working or how they are working today.

Back in 2009, I still didn't have the "scheduling a post" technique in my arsenal. This meant that I woke up every morning that I did post and wrote the blog post for that day. Yes.....on the spot, every morning! That changed within the last ten years so that now I write the next day's post the evening before, generally, and schedule it to post before I wake up.

But this had not happened yet in 2009, so this was a morning chore at that time which was not easy to pull off. I am glad I figured out I could schedule posts ahead of time!

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graveldoc said...

My daily routine is to rise early, read the daily devotional "Our Daily Bread" then read Guitar Ted. Thanks so much to you, Mark, for your daily commitment! I always enjoy reading your material!