Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Rear View '19: In Images

The 12 best images from the blog for 2019 as chosen by me, Guitar Ted. All decisions are final! (HA!) I actually do not have one from this month as it is filled with all this other garbage from looking back on the other 11 months, so you'll get a "bonus" November image instead.

So, here we go with the 12 best images from 2019. Enjoy!

January- Winter came late, around about January 15th, so gravel travel went longer into the season than usual. 
February- There wasn't much riding done in February as all I did was shovel snow. The C.O.G. 100 was a month away!
March- While it took about two weeks to melt all the snow, we were pretty worried going into the inaugural C.O.G. 100 that it wouldn't be.

April- The Renegade Gents Race day presented me with this opportunity to ride to the start from Ankeny Iowa.

June- The Solstice 100 was a fun, but strange adventure for me.
July- The Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational. Dirt, rain, and heat.
August- Peace falls on Southern Black Hawk County
September- "Grandpa Flowers" on Petrie Road's Level B section.
October- A lonely dog trots down Sage Road in Black Hawk County
November- Sunrise over Grundy County
Bonus November image- Riders coming back towards Cedar Falls, Iowa on a chilly morning. 
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